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Respite Care: How Can It Benefit You?

We all want to be able to watch over our loved ones. However, taking care of someone is a full-time job and sometimes it can simply be impossible or even overwhelming to be a care provider while juggling other responsibilities, such as work or taking care of your kids on a daily basis. This can … Continue reading

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Talking to Your Loved One About the Benefits of In-Home Care

The senior population in our community continues to grow year after year, prompting the need for quality home care in Montgomery County, MD. Any family would want to stay together and, when possible, they want to keep their loved one at home. It’s probably something you can relate to in your own household if you … Continue reading

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How to Deal with Dementia Behavior Problems: 2 Important Do’s and Don’ts

As dementia progresses, it may bring certain behavioral changes and problems. Someone with dementia may experience confusion, anger, paranoia, sadness, and fear often resulting in aggressive actions. At Nest & Care, an experienced provider of in-home care in Montgomery County, MD, we want to help you learn the useful strategies that can help you effectively … Continue reading

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