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Aging in Place: 3 Tips for Success

If you are like most people, you would like to stay in your own home for as long as you possibly can. Nest & Care, a reliable provider of home health care in Rockville, Maryland, offers the following tips to help you age in place successfully. Consider Your Location First of all, decide exactly where … Continue reading

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Silent Stroke: What You Need to Know

Nest & Care, a reputable provider of home care services in Silver Spring, Maryland, lists down some important facts about silent stroke that you need to know. What is a silent stroke? A silent stroke is a kind of stroke that doesn’t have any outward symptoms commonly associated with symptomatic strokes. Typically, patients are unaware … Continue reading

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Stroke Myths and Facts 

Stroke can be terrifying to deal with; however, it can get even more complicated if your understanding of it is inaccurate. Misconceptions can add needless stress and worry and can make the recovery journey even more challenging. To help you understand it better and to give you some peace of mind, Nest & Care, an … Continue reading

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4 Meaningful Ways to Keep Your Family’s Legacy Alive, Generation After Generation

Photos, videos, journals, letters, and pieces of jewelry are all part of your family history and heritage. These mementos will keep your family’s legacy alive generation after generation and keep your family connected for years to come. However, finding, collecting, and organizing these family keepsakes can be challenging. Here are some tips from Nest & … Continue reading

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