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At Nest & Care, we understand that when a strange illness or serious injury hits a family, it usually causes a lot of fear and confusion among family members. We also know that it is during such times that patients and their families crave for information regarding the illness or injury.

What does the diagnosis or injury mean for the patient? How did the illness or injury transpire? Will the patient recover fully? And if so, how long will recovery take?

It is for this reason that we have created a Patient and Family Education Program to educate our patients and their families about their illnesses or injuries, and to advise them on the best practices for living with or managing the condition.

We also offer the program to provide them with an opportunity to ask questions and communicate their fears and concerns.

We work together with the patient’s health care providers to ensure that by the end of the day, the patients and their families understand what is happening and have been connected to valuable community resources.

To learn more about our Patient and Family Education Program or to talk to our educators, give us a call at 240-243-9790 or send us a message at care@nestandcare.com.