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Medication Reminders in Montgomery County, Maryland

caregiver giving medicine to elder woman

Taking medication as prescribed is a vital part of treatment for patients whose care plans include medication. Not taking medication usually leads to various setbacks, including hospital readmissions and longer recovery time. In the worst-case scenario, it could lead to death.

Unfortunately, many patients, elderly or not, fail to stick to their medication routine for various reasons. For some, it is because they don’t understand the instructions thoroughly. For others, it is forgetfulness. Still, there are those who will knowingly refuse to take their medicines citing unpleasant side effects.

At Nest & Care, we have realized that most seniors make mistakes with their medications. While some of these mistakes are relatively harmless, there are those that can be dangerous, such as overdosing and forgetting to take certain drugs.

Our Medication Administration Service is meant to help seniors, and other patients who may require the service, stick to their medication regime as planned by their health providers. This not only means taking their medications, but taking the right medicine, at the right doses, and at the right time.

Through this service or program, our licensed nurses administer medication as prescribed by the patient’s physician. Some of the services that come with the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication education based on diet, drug interactions and diagnosis
  • Administration of oral medication
  • Administration of IV therapy
  • Administration of IM injections
  • Administration of Pain Medication

Our caregivers can remind our clients to take medicines, but only a Licensed Nurse can administer medication.

To learn more about our Medication Administration Services, give us a call at 240-243-9790 or send us a message at care@nestandcare.com.