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Respite Care in Montgomery County, Maryland

Did you know that around 10% of fatal falls that the elderly experience take place in hospitals and other care facilities? It only takes a second for a deadly fall to occur, especially for Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who tend to get agitated when confined in strange environments like hospital rooms.

This may sound surprising to many, after all, aren’t hospitals and care facilities supposed to be the safest places for patients? Unfortunately, with nurse shortage affecting many facilities, that is not always the case.

For most families, having a loved one confined in a hospital or care facility can be a very difficult time, especially when, due to one condition or another, the patient wanders or become abusive towards fellow patients and staff members. It is for such reasons and more that facility sitter services have gained popularity over the last couple of years.

The primary purpose of a hospital or facility sitter is to observe and monitor the condition of a patient in a hospital or care facility under the supervision of a nurse. Hiring a sitter gives family members the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one is under strict observation and is, therefore, unlikely to fall or wander.

If you are looking for a hospital or facility sitter for yourself or a loved one, Nest & Care can help.

Our Hospital/ Facility Sitter Package features the following services:
  • Observing and monitoring the patient’s condition
  • Assisting the patient with feeding and dressing
  • Recording daily food and liquid intake
  • Helping the patient to move in and out of bed and to get around
  • Companionship and Friendship
  • Reporting any changes to hospital or facility staff

To learn more about our Hospital or Facility Sitter Program, give us a call at 240-243-9790 or send us a message at care@nestandcare.com.